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The Muck Made It - Hannath Charity Tag Rugby Day!

15th June 2019

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Dear All Captains, Players, Volunteers, Sponsors, Friends and Family of Hannath,

We just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that was part of the Hannath Tag Cup 2019! I think it was possibly the most memorable due to the weather but everyone mucked in to make it a memorable occasion. In some ways “THE MUCK MADE IT”. It was our first with Ciaran, Gary and myself as new owners of the business so it was a proud evening knowing everyone left with smiles on their faces and muck on their boots. Plenty of marquees where about and I know this helped create plenty of bonding among the teams! Mr Gribben mentioned comradery in his interview on the video and that was truly what the day was all about. Unfortunately we didn’t quite get the same crowds this year due to the weather but we can’t always have it our way and we hope that next year we get a bit more luck in that regard which will mean a few more quid for the charities.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the companies who entered teams and all of the people and businesses that gave so generously to support the event. Then we had those who helped in other ways such as by giving very generous donations, bought raffle tickets, contributed raffle prizes or who generally helped in the build up or on the day. Thank you!

We are still receiving donations and we will close the justgiving page later this month so if anyone wants to share this on their own social media channels it’s not too late to raise a bit extra for charity.

The enthusiastic support shown by the charities volunteers, club members and staff at PRFC was truly amazing and once again made this a brilliant local event. Thanks to the Hannath team for their efforts, in particular
Claire, Ciaran and Laura. Without so many people giving up their time and support it would never have happened! So a heartfelt big thanks to everyone for their hard work.

We would like to say a big thank you to Julie Best for her hard work, relentless hard work I should say, for your attention to detail, your steadfast commitment and wonderful efforts to pulling another fantastic event off on behalf of the Hannath team. We all want to say thank you and well done!

Our video from the day is now on youtube and you can watch it here -

Check out Facebook, photos of the day and please like and share!! Be sure to tag us in your own posts on social media as well.

See you again soon!

Alastair Glass