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Your current landlord's details

If you rent the property you currently live in, please give details of your Landlord or the Estate / Letting Agency managing the property on behalf of your landlord.

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If you are currently unemployed, please go to the Benefit Entitlement section.

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Please give details of your current employer. If you are self-employed, please give details of you accountant.

Benefit Entitlement

Please provide details of all benefits which you are currently in receipt of. A copy of your Benefit Decision Notice is required and should be attached to this application.

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Character reference

You need to give us details of somebody we can approach for a character reference. This CANNOT be a relative or your employer. Your character referenced should be someone in a professional standing.

Next of kin details

Please give us details of a member of your family we can contact in case of an emergency.


We require you to confirm that you are satisfied with the condition of the property when you viewed it. During the inspection of the property did you find it to be in good condition and are prepared to accept the property as stands?

If you answered NO to the above statement, please identify any items in the property which you were unhappy with or would like the Landlord to address before occupation.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the Landlord will address these issues.

Supporting Documents

In addition to the information provided within this form, we require all applicants to also provide supporting documents. Please below list of documents required:

  • 1 Recent Pay Slip
    (1 from each employed applicant)
  • Employer Reference or Benefit Statement
  • Landlords Reference & Character reference
  • Photographic Identification
  • Last 3 Months Bank Statements

All supporting documents must be emailed to

Please Note: Your application cannot be processed without appropriate written references. All individuals supplied as references must be informed by the applicant that we may contact them and wish to speak with them directly.

References provided by you should be recently dated, signed and provide a contact number, email address or correspondence address. Hand written references will only be accepted in certain circumstances.


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