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Pre Register Your Property Now!

18th June 2021

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Have you heard the news?

We are now offering a 'Pre Register' service!

What is this service?

To put it simply, the 'pre register' service means that your property is prepped and ready to go onto the market as soon you are ready to sell!

How will the service benefit me?

The 'Pre Register' service allows you to be prepared for when you find a property that you are interested in buying. The market is moving at a rapid pace, there is no time to waste when it comes to selling your property. Too often, buyers are missing out on their dream home. This often comes as a result of their own property not being listed on the market in time. Therefore, their sale will not be completed within the time frame required to put an offer on the property they are interested in buying.

It can be extremely frustrating for potential buyers missing out on that perfect property. Our new service can help reduce that risk of missing out, and increases your chances of buying your dream home. As soon as you find the property that's right for you, we can list your own property on the market within a few minutes.

Pre registering your property speeds up the whole process, you won't have to rush to get market ready, as it's all done for you already! How convenient is that?

How does this service work?

All it takes is a few simple steps:

  1. Contact our sales team
  2. Arrange a FREE valuation
  3. Arrange for professional photographs to be taken of your property
  4. We do the rest!

It's as simple as that. Register with us and your property will be ready to go onto the market in the click of a button! 

The valuation will be complete, photographs taken and your property will be ready to be advertised and listed on the market. All you have to do is look out for your dream home and give us the go ahead when the time is right. The days of missing out are over!

Contact us now for more information and to make that first move.