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Hannath's Top Tips for Buying

17th September 2021

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Hannath's Top Tips for Buying

The local property market is booming and properties are selling at a rapid pace, making it all the more important that you are well prepared and ready to act when you find your dream home.

You want to be poised and ready to go onto the property ladder when the time comes, here are some things you can do to get you started and pave your way to a successful property purchase.

Tip number one is to speak to your mortgage advisor:

Start saving and pay down debts, the bigger deposit you can save, the better the mortgage deal you will get. Pay down credit cards and any short-term loans, your mortgage adviser will advise you of all of this but please be honest with them about your debts, so that there are no surprises when the mortgage lenders do their detailed checks on you. Speak to our team and we can pass you across to our trusted mortgage advisors.

Tip number two is to set your budget:

Being able to borrow large amounts of money doesn’t always mean you should, make sure you’re comfortable with the monthly repayment, can you raise the deposit, have you left enough money to pay fees, stamp duty and the general cost of moving home.

Tip number three is to set up a wish list:

Write down everything that is important to you, what is essential to have and what features are just a bonus. Our website allows you to filter your options and narrow down the property search. You can filter properties by property type and property attributes such as off-street parking or a garage. Being able to tell the agent exactly what you want and don’t want, gives us the best chance at finding the perfect home for you.

Tip number four, register to an agent:

It’s very important that you register with an agent as soon as you know what you are looking for. At Hannath, we pride ourselves in helping to guide you through the buying process and will ultimately help you find your dream home. With homes selling at a fast rate, keep in touch on a weekly basis so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Tip number five, dont waste time: 

Don’t miss out on your dream property because you have wasted time, make yourself available to view properties you’re interested in, particularly in today’s market, it’s extremely important to be quick in expressing your interest in a property. Book a viewing as quickly as possible, if you don’t act quickly, you’re likely to miss out.

We would love to help you find your dream home ....

So, for all your property needs, please contact us today on 02838399911 or email