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2020: A Year Review

30th December 2020

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2020: A Year Review

Alastair Glass, Director, Hannath reviews the year that was 2020 and considers the impact it had on the property market and looks ahead to 2021

The end of a year often encourages us to assess what has been and past, and also what the future might hold.  As we reach the end of December we edge towards finishing up for another year it feels appropriate to reflect and take stock of what was a long and challenging year without much of a break – after all, for most of us our back garden was our summer holiday!  In this end of year blog post we’ll explore what 2020 meant to us at Hannath and also look ahead to what might be in store for the property market in 2021.


2020 for Hannath and Homeowners

Realistically 2020 was tough for estate agents but good for homeowners (we are qualified to say that!)  Initially, the lockdown caused all activity to stop as we all came to terms with the pandemic.  However, as time moved on and restrictions lifted, we saw the market open up again.  Pink signs were shooting up everywhere and at Hannath our sales performed substantially better than pre lockdown levels.


We agreed 42 houses in October, 54 in November and we just sale agreed on our 25th house in December on New Years Eve Eve which is remarkable considering we closed up the office this year on the 18th.  To add to the more positive outlook our mortgage advisor Alannah Dawson has advised our office that Barclays have introduced a 10% mortgage deal for new builds again, which had previously been taken off the market.  Why is this important?  Well, it tells a story that things are getting better and that it is a good time to sell.  Now more than ever, especially when that third bedroom or your kitchen table is your home office – moving house has real appeal and buyers are we expect a lot of people to be on the move in 2021 including those who held back or were more cautious in 2021.


Property Campouts

One highlight for me, and I believe acts a precursor for a more optimistic outlook is something I witnessed over the summer.  I’ve lived in Portadown pretty much my whole life, I’ve been at Hannath and in estate agency since 2007 and the only time I can recall people camping for a property release (and someone can correct me if I am wrong!) was when Antrim Construction released the new homes at Kernan Hill Manor about 20 years ago!  At Hannath this happened on two occasions this summer!  This shows the pull of the ABC council area as a place to live, our more sensible house prices (when compared to other areas of NI and the UK) and why people who already do live here want to stay.  So let’s appreciate the positivity that comes with that sentiment and indulge in some hope as we finish off our Christmas break. 


£21,000 for 2021!

To echo this positivity and encouragement for the market and what 2021 might bring we are delighted to launch: £21,000 for 2021 to help prospective sellers.  We are giving FREE advertising to the first 100 people* who sign up to put their house on the market with us, kicking off in January.  The free package will include photos, videos, brochure inclusion, a listing on the Hannath website, promotion on all major property portals and social media.  If you are thinking of making a move this year – do it with Hannath!


*T&Cs apply, value per listing is £210