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How to choose the right estate agent

Posted 31st January 2016 Selling

Michael Hannath on how to choose the right estate agent

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Michael Hannath, from Hannath Estate Agents.

For most of us, our home is our biggest asset, so when the time comes to put it on the market, choosing the best estate agent for the job is the key to success. In fact, it could mean a difference of 5-10% in the value you achieve for your home.

Here are 5 Tips to help you choose the best estate agent.

Tip 1 – Don’t make false economies.

Avoid the temptation to simply go for the agent quoting the lowest fee. It might save you a few hundred pounds but will they get you the top price for your home? The estate agency industry is a highly competitive and everyone wants your business but we urge you to look beyond the fee. Check out their website, their presence in your area, call and meet the team, it may well be that an agent with a slightly higher fee is investing much more in getting you the best possible outcome….and that’s worth paying for!

Tip 2 – Do your research.

This isn’t hard – in fact it can be as simple as taking a drive round your area, what boards are up? How do the prices compare between agents? Are properties selling quickly? Talk to friends and family, people at the school gate….personal recommendations are brilliant. Call into the offices, ask about sales they have been involved with recently and test them on what else is available in competition to your home. A good agent will be confident in their knowledge of the market and happy to discuss all of these things with you.

Tip 3 - Look at the resources of the agent. There’s going to be lots of phone calls, emails, viewings and meetings – all that takes time and manpower – make sure you are choosing an agency with a good team of reliable, committed and experienced agents. In a digital era, marketing your home online is crucial, almost every property search begins online. Visit their website. Have they invested in technology? Can you access it on your smartphone and tablet as well as desktop? Are they effectively marketing properties online?

Tip 4Check out the brand. Does the company have a strong brand presence? Do they have good values and an excellent reputation? Do they invest in their team and marketing their business effectively? Agencies with a strong market presence will already have a large pool of interested buyers and the more people interested in your property, the better the final price.

Tip 5Shop around.

Talk to two or three local estate agents about your potential sale. Ask them what their valuation would be for your property and how they have come to that figure. Find out how they propose marketing your property and get an in depth picture of the listing and sales process. Ask to meet your main point of contact in the agency and also who would be carrying out the viewings, it’s important that you feel confident that you have the very best person for the job!

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