Buyers Queue Up Overnight For New Armagh Development!

Posted 16th August 2019 New Homes

Ten Sites Booked On Morning Of Launch

The eagerly anticipated launch of Deanery Demesne was a huge success with buyers braving the miserable weather to get to the top of the queue to secure their preferred house within this exciting new development of houses, just off the Portadown Road at Mullinure, Armagh.

Such has been the demand for the houses, the first buyers queued up over 12 hours before the 8.30am launch! Word began to travel that “there’s a man at the front door already” sparking more buyers to abandon their plans to arrive early Friday and hurry to get into the queue now.

Knowing the weather was only getting worse (and knowing there were deals to be done) Hannath staff extended the waiting area and reshuffled the front office letting everyone in early and keep their place in the queue so we could kick off the booking procedure. By 9.30 am we had taken deposits on ten houses, some of which are anticipated to be ready before Christmas 2019. We now have 13 sites spoken for and reserve lists growing for future releases.

We expect demand to continue as we move our way through phase one so anyone who wishes to discuss the development or has questions, please get in touch.

Congratulations to everyone who was successful and we hope that everyone enjoyed the experience!

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